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Light-rail Bed

The whole light rail type machine bed uses simple sectional structure, featuring flexible installation, easy maintenance, and convenient transportation.

product bed

High Intensity Welded Crossbeam

Stable performance, powerful intensity

product crossbeam

Large Cutting Area

Various bed sizes are available with a maximum of 24500mm*3200mm thanks to the sectional modules of machine bed.

product area font area

The modular bed length reaches a maximum of 24M.

Protective Light Curtain on the Crossbeam

Two pairs of light curtains on the crossbeam detect automatically movements of the crossbeam and cutting parts to guarantee safe operation.

product curtain

Automatic Lubrication

Automatic lubrication guarantees no damage to transmission mechanisms, preserves their long-term accuracy, and extends the service life.

product lubrication

Active Anti-collision Function

Effectively reduce the damage rate of laser heads, help you save maintenance costs.

Expert High Speed Cutting Database

Carbon Steel Oxygen Fast Cutting

icon database

Thick plate cutting realizes to doubles the speed while ensuring the cutting quality.

Carbon Steel Economic Fast Cutting

icon database

At a specific power, cutting cost is only 10% of nitrogen cutting and creates more value for clients.

Low Nitrogen Pressure Fast Cutting

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The nitrogen pressure reduces to 4Bar during cutting the 10mm stainless steel, its speed improves at least 10% than common cutting.

Bodor Thinker 3.0

Robust compatibility and processing ability with user-friendly system interface keep reliable and stable cutting performance.

Cutting Samples

Applicable to cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass , alloy metals, etc.

cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples
cutting samples

Applicable Industry

Industries, such as automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, engineering vehicles, vessels, outside processing and agricultural machinery manufacturing, have now applied the machine widely.

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applicable industry img
applicable industry img

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