Latter Bed Ejector Rod

icon product Sheet Position Fixing Aid

The application of ball transfer units helps workers to position sheets quickly.

icon product Anti-scratch

Effectively avoid scratches of workpieces with no relative motion between ejector rods and blades in unloading process.

icon product Less Manpower

Hydraulic lifting system greatly saves manpower.

Parameter Configuration :

Adaptable model: P3
Maximum feeding plate size: 3000mm*1500mm
Minimum loading sheet size: 900mm*900mm
Maximum loading weight: 1000Kg
Module dimensions: 2450mm*1241mm*630mm
Weight: 850kg
Operation method: Foot switch
Lifting method: Hydraulic lift

P3 All Cover Laser Cutting Machine

P3 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

Applicable Models

  • P3 All Cover Exchange Platform Laser Cutting Machine

  • P3

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Applicable Industry:

The industries that need to prevent scratch :

applicable industry

Kitchen Ware

applicable industry

Furniture Industry

applicable industry

Household Appliances

iLift supplies approaches to industries occupying narrow space, such as outside processing.

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