All-around Protective Covering

Full protection and encirclement

Isolation of laser radiation pollution

Automatic soot collection

Ensure the operation area is clean

Tenon-and-mortise Type Plate Welding Structure Bed

Use Chinese traditional tenon-and-mortise structure to provide stronger bearing capacity. Solder joint fixing and structural bearing ensure long-standing operation stability.

Double Fast Exchange Tables

Fast exchange of two tables greatly improves efficiency. Rack and gearwheel transmission system has better rigidity and higher accuracy, saving feeding time.

Bodor Genius Laser Head

By setting perforation focal length and cutting focal length respectively, the cutting is more accurate.

Suitable for multiple focal lengths, and focal position will be automatically adjusted based on thickness of different sheets.

Stretched Aluminum Beam

Aviation-level material with enhanced rigidity, greatly reduces beam deformation during high-speed operation, and improves high-speed directional sensitivity and processing efficiency.

Automatic Obstacle Avoidance

  • Intelligent anti-collision

    360°degree radar system will foresee and detect any obstacles,enabling Z axis with a high-speed to immediately avoid obstacles in case of collision.

  • More efficiency, less cost

    Lower damage rate of laser head,reduces customer's maintenance cost accordingly,so as to prolong cutter's service life.
    Avoid the production halt caused by collision,ensure continuous production.

Bodor Cutting 2.0

Upgraded nitrogen cutting ensures the cutting speed can be at most 4 times as fast as ordinary cutting. Smooth cutting surface spares the need for other procedures. Higher processing efficiency saves labor cost.


IoT Cloud Platform for Laser CNC Machines

Apply for After-sale Service on Bodor Cloud Platform

Digital Management of Equipment, Storage of Traceable Data

Real-time Equipment Monitoring, Automatic Malfunction Alert

Access through Multiple Devices, All-around Information Display

21.5-inch Screen

21.5-inch screen offers larger display area

Low Gas Pressure Alarm Function

Real-time gas pressure detection and abnormal information report ensure cutting quality and precision, and remind operators to replace gas in time.

Bodor Pro Operating System

Bodor’s independent R&D operating system can realize intelligent layout of graphics. Use optimal logic programming and software interactions in control aspect to achieve stunning using experience, effectively improve utilization of sheet metal and reduce leftover material.

Automatic Lubrication Function

Quantitative lubricants provided for equipment guarantee the normal and high-speed operation, greatly improving the cutting accuracy. The function of abnormal liquid level alarm can effectively extend the service life of the transmission mechanism.

Product Parameters

Model C12 C8 C6 C4 C3
Working Area 12000mm*2500mm 8000mm*2500mm 6100mm*2500mm 4000mm*2000mm 3048mm*1524mm
Laser Output Power 40000W-3000W 40000W-1000W
Positioning accuracy ±0.05mm
Repositioning accuracy ±0.03mm
Max. linkage speed 110m/min
Max. acceleration 1.5G

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